Introducing the Fundraiser Hub

Your ultimate fundraising campaign command centre

for effortless event success 

Elevate your fundraising game with our platforms that can provide for you and your cause a powerful, all-in-one solution designed exclusively for charity event organisers and fundraisers.

Create and sell custom-branded fundraising products seamlessly with our state-of-the-art print on demand tools.

From eye-catching t-shirts to personalised merchandise, your vision comes to life with every order.

Print on Demand Magic

Create and sell custom-branded fundraising products seamlessly with our state-of-the-art online tool.

T shirts for your event or merchandise for the supporters, you can easily create the products to really bring your event to life 

Effortless Online Ordering

Say goodbye to paperwork hassles!

The Fundraiser Hub allows supporters to order online effortlessly, providing a smooth and convenient shopping experience.   Our hub also stores all order information ensuring you stay organised and in control.

Benefits for Fundraisers and Organisers

With the Hub, organisers are able to save time and effort with the streamlined order process, so you can focus on what matters – your cause!

With no upfront costs or inventory risks, you have complete financial freedom.  No leftover stock means more money raised for your cause, so you can fundraise without any financial constraints 

You can choose from our Fundraiser Focus online store set up, or if you just need help with a one off fundraising event, you can use our free Campaign Manager too.   

The Fundraiser Focus provides a ready to go option for your fundraising merchandise.  All done for you, it provides a simple, fast and stress free option for an easy way to sell your own range of made to order products. 

Ideal for grass roots sports clubs, charities and clubs, you can start raising money today, without any extra work for the volunteers and organisers!

Fundraiser Focus Store

Provide supporters with a user-friendly platform to contribute to your cause, fostering a deeper connection between your mission and your audience. The Fundraising Campaign Manager is created especially for one off fundraising events 

Watch our short video below and you can see just how easy it is to get started and therefore how quickly you could be raising funds.   If you have any question or would like to set up a one page website for your fundraiser, please just get in touch.  We will create the site for you, completely free of charge or you can click the button below to create your own Campaign Manager 

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